Some Apple Watch bands currently unavailable ahead of Series 9

Apple this week confirmed that it will hold a special event on September 12. Although the company never reveals in advance what will be announced at the event, we all know at this point that Apple will introduce the iPhone 15 lineup and also the Apple Watch Series 9, along with a new Apple Watch Ultra. And to corroborate the upcoming arrival of new Apple Watches, some watch bands are currently unavailable on Apple’s website.

New Apple Watch bands coming soon

As noted by Parker Ortolani, all four versions of the Apple Watch Link Bracelet are now unavailable online in the United States. 9to5Mac confirmed that the Modern Buckle bands and some of the Hermès models are also sold out. While you can still find these watch bands in stock in some of the Apple Retail Stores, this may not last long.

Typically, Apple introduces new bands with the launch of a new Apple Watch – so that’s why some bands sell out before a new Apple Watch is announced. But in this case, there’s one thing to keep in mind.

What Apple usually does is introduce new colors for existing watch bands. When it comes to the Link Bracelet, which is made of stainless steel and is only available in silver and space black, the fact that it is now sold out suggests that the Link Bracelet could be discontinued for good – these watch bands have been available since the very first Apple Watch.

Another possibility is that Apple will replace the Link Bracelet with a new, more modern version (since the current version was still made with the 38/42mm Apple Watches in mind) or simply relaunch it in new shades of silver and black.

Apple Watch Series 9 rumors

Apple Watch

According to the rumors, the Apple Watch Series 9 won’t exactly be an exciting update. The new model will have a faster chip, but that may be the only new feature of this year’s Apple Watch. Apple also plans to introduce a new Apple Watch Ultra with the same faster chip. Other than that, both models will keep the same design as the current versions.

Apple reportedly considered introducing a new watch band mechanism with the Apple Watch Series 9, but the company is said to have postponed this change for a redesigned Apple Watch coming next year.

As for current Apple Watch bands, you can still find the Link Bracelet for sale on Amazon – at least for now.

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