Siri explains Conversation Awareness the first time it’s activated

In what appears to be a new feature in the latest iOS beta, Siri explains Conversation Awareness the first time it is activated.

Without the message, people might be confused as to why the volume has suddenly reduced itself on their Airpods Pro 2 …

Adaptive Audio

Adaptive Audio is Apple’s blanket term for three separate features, collectively designed to automatically adjust your AirPods volume and noise-cancellation settings to suit the situation.

  • Adaptive Noise Control – adjusts noise-cancellation levels to ambient noise levels
  • Personalized Volume – adjusts the volume as you switch between noisy and quiet environments
  • Conversation Awareness – turns down the volume and engages transparency mode when you talk

All three features are designed to automatically kick in, as and when they are needed. But that automation could easily confuse someone if they aren’t aware of the feature, which is the problem Apple addresses in iOS 17 beta 7.

Siri explains Conversation Awareness

One of our team was listening to a podcast after installing the latest beta, and spoke to someone. As he did so, the volume on his AirPods Pro 2 turned down, transparency mode was switched on, and Siri explained what was happening with a message along the lines of:

Just so you know, AirPods lowered the volume due to Conversation Awareness

It’s a smart way of ensuring users don’t think their AirPods have developed a fault, as well as introducing them to a new feature.

Adaptive Audio features are currently exclusive to AirPods Pro 2.

Have you heard this, or any other new Siri messages, when using your AirPods? Please let us know in the comments.

Photo: John Smit/Unsplash

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