FineWoven Apple Watch band seen ahead of today’s Apple event

Twitter user Kosutami, who often manages to get their hands on prototype versions of Apple products, has posted a sneak preview of a FineWoven Apple Watch band.

The new fabric material is expected to replace leather for both iPhone cases and Watch bands, and to be officially announced alongside the iPhone 15 lineup and one or more new Apple Watch models in today’s event …

Apple dropping leather iPhone cases

We first reported that Apple was dropping leather iPhone cases a few weeks ago, in what was then an initial rumor but corroborated by our own sources.

It may be that the decision is an environmental one, with leather having a relatively high carbon footprint. Even so, it doesn’t seem likely that Apple would simply decline to take our money for premium cases.

The more likely explanation – assuming that our sources are correct – is that Apple plans to replace leather with another premium material.

Later reports confirmed our theory, that Apple was replacing leather with a woven fabric material.

According to a trio of leaks posted on social media this morning, the new iPhone 15 cases will use a woven-style design that’s made from a leather alternative. In a post on Weibo, previously-accurate leaker UnclePan explained that the new case option “is a woven shell.” Similar leaks were also shared on Twitter by DuanRui and MajinBu.

Apple dropping leather Watch bands, too

A month ago, Apple collector Kosutami indicated that we can expect a new woven material for Apple Watch bands, too. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman subsequently reported that this was also due to Apple dropping leather Watch bands.

According to Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman, Apple is expected to “begin moving away from leather on its Apple Watch bands as well,” following a rumor that there will be no leather iPhone 15 cases made by Apple.

A report that the company was heavily discounting Hermès leather Watch bands appeared to corroborate this, and sure enough, these were all subsequently removed from the company’s website.

Long-time Apple Watch partner Hermès has removed all mentions of the wearable and compatible bands from its website. This could mean it may be a quick shift for the Apple Watch away from leather. 

FineWoven Apple Watch bands

As with iPhone cases, Apple’s plan appears to be to offer the same new fabric option, in the form of FineWoven Apple Watch bands. Now Kosutami has provided a sneak preview of one of these.

We’ll of course be bringing you full coverage of all of today’s announcements.

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