Download the melancholy ‘Midnight Mac’ wallpapers from Basic Apple Guy

The talented Basic Apple Guy is out with a new set of wallpapers and the latest creations represent a departure from some of the work you might know him for. The new beautiful and contemplative “Midnight Mac” series is a fresh take on the famous Nighthawks painting.

Basic Apple Guy creates lots of amazing original work and has also been experimenting with AI compositions with Midjourney.

That’s given life to the stunning “Big Starry Sur” made up of Apple’s Big Sur wallpaper in the style of The Starry Night by Van Gogh. And later Basic Apple Guy went further with that thread by creating four more of Apple’s Mac wallpapers through the lens of different Van Gogh works.

Creating in a new style, this time around Basic Apple Guy was inspired by Edward Hopper’s famous 1942 Nighthawks oil painting which depicts a lonely all-night diner. Fun fact, this work was included with Mac OS X Snow Leopard as a wallpaper option.

Thinking about a modern reimagining, Basic Apple Guy worked through dozens of iterations for the Midnight Mac wallpapers – an “exploration into the solitude of working late into the night.”

After many dozen tweaks, revisions, variations, and modifications, I created a few images that I was pleased with in their ability to capture the solitary motif of Hopper’s work. These ‘Midnight Mac’ images evoke memories of my time in university, working late into the night in lonely campus corridors or at some diner or cafe into the morning hours. I’m posting a few variations upscaled to 6K. Enjoy.

Download the Midnight Mac wallpapers from Basic Apple Guy

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