Download the beautiful ‘Flow’ wallpaper from Basic Apple Guy

Talented designer Basic Apple Guy has released his latest wallpaper for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. “Flow” features a swirling blend of fluid lines and vibrant colors. Here’s how he created it and how to download it for your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

This new creation is the result of Basic Apple Guy wanting a new wallpaper for his recent post on cable management. After creating some beautiful designs recently with Midjourney (Midnight Mac, Big Stary Sur, and more), he used the AI tool again to create “Flow.”

Here’s how he describes the process:

When it came time to write my recent post about my office cable management, I wanted a wallpaper to serve as the desktop image across my shots. With a few of the wallpapers that I’m cooking not quite ready for prime time, I turned, once again, to Midjourney to generate a vibrant image to serve as my background wallpaper. A simple prompt and a couple of variations later, and Flow was the result.

The exported image out of Midjourney was a paltry 1024×1024. That’s 41% the resolution of an iPhone mini. and Stretched across a display, that resolution looks ghastly. To help it look passable on a larger display I used Pixelmator Pro to create the 6016 × 3889 image available here. Pixelmator’s Super Resolution was used to upscale the image, which was followed up with a few passes with the deband processor. After that, the texture and clarity of the image were reduced to help produce an image that looked as smooth as possible. Finally, a subtle grain was reintroduced and a few final edits were made to polish off the wallpaper.

Download the Flow wallpaper from Basic Apple Guy

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