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Basic Apple Guy is back this weekend with another gorgeous wallpaper for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The new design has roots in a Craig Federighi joke that’s turned into a serene and beautiful design paying homage to the imaginary “macOS Rancho Cucamonga.”

Update 7/25/23: Basic Apple Guy has released a slick “at night” version of his Rancho Cucamonga wallpaper for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Basic Apple Guy shared the new wallpapers and the background on how the new creation came to life in a blog post this weekend.

To get everyone up to speed, at WWDC14, in the early days of the transition from OS’s named after big cats (Lion, Jaguar, Tiger, Leopard, etc.) to places in California, Craig Federighi joked about Apple’s “Crack Marketing Team” driving around California in search of the next name for OS X. Before unveiling OS X Yosemite; Apple teased about considering OS X Oxnard, OS X Weed, and yes, OS X Rancho Cucamonga.

To give Rancho its due, rather than being the butt end of a WWDC joke, I wanted to see if I could create a beautiful macOS-style wallpaper of this locale.

For speed, Basic Apple Guy created the first design with Midjourney but it was such a low resolution that he decided to recreate a version from scratch at a higher quality with more detail as well as “a vectorized tree at the vanishing point.”

I think Craig and Apple’s crack marketing team will be very proud when they see Basic Apple Guy’s end result😁. (Random thought: how awesome would it be if this wallpaper made it into an Apple keynote?)

Download the macOS Rancho Cucamonga wallpapers for iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Here’s a look at Rancho at Night:

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