Norton Wifi Privacy Review

In the good old days, scoundrels (known as rascals in the south of India) would come along and steal our wives. Then they come along and stole our wifi. Now, with all this IT knowledge, they break directly into our wi-fi networks, take our security keys, passwords, netbanking credentials, logins and run away. They steal our Facebook accounts and post cat videos, steal our identities and masquerade as us to empty our bank accounts. Even hack into your web cameras and watch you do whatever you do. Things were much simpler then when they took our wives. There is a saving grace though, a way to prevent these rascals from entering, and it’s Norton Wifi Privacy, here to save the day. 

Essentially Norton’s Wifi suite is a bunch of tools that creates a virtual private network, a VPN in short, which creates your own bubble of privacy and anonymity. Your very own private, encrypted data tunnel that prevent cybercriminals from jacking into your Wi-Fi network and intercepting the data that is been communicated between your mobile devices, laptops, PC and even your smart TV. That means they can get personal details or worse access to your bank accounts, from where they can deplete your funds without even you knowing it. One can access your phone camera or laptop’s webcam to spy on your and what you’re doing. Then hold you at ransom. These are called Man in the Middle attacks, a form of digital evesdropping. A VPN not only keeps them out, but also keeps your browing private and secure, which means that if you deal in sensitive data you are safe. 

Norton’s Wifi Privacy super easy to set-up with a pretty straightforward user interface. The install file is free of any bloatware most security applications are usually bundled with. There is though, an Ad Blocker that gets thrown in for free. Ad Blockers are like free buffets, they’re always welcome and they don’t give you excess gas after, unlike free buffets. While the Blocker is simple, it does what it sets out to do.  What I really liked about the entire suite, is that Norton has kept in mind the regular consumer and created a well-designed interface which is quite simple & easy to use. Once you set-up, a Location tab allows you to select your country, and once done auto closes your connection & connects you again to the new server. Again, a great quick auto function, leaving you the trouble of manually disconnecting & connecting again. In case you’re lost in the super simple interface, you get 24/7 support. 

Norton Wi-Fi Privacy is available as a 1 device (Rs.2999 MSRP), 5 Device (Rs.3999 MSRP) or 10 device (Rs.4999 MSRP) annual subscription and is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android or iOS devices.  At an asking price of just Rs. 2999, it’s hard not to ignore a suite like Norton Wifi Privacy, something you may take for granted may actually end up saving your data and your life, your digital one atleast. This is not fear marketing at work here, you read about Facebook hijacks all the time. Plus you do need a VPN in case you are still one of those folks who dabble in the occasional torrenting or go to suspect sites. Norton’s Wifi Privacy will keep those nosy malware bunnies at bay. Norton Wifi Privacy must have addition to make your home secure. 

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