Steelcase Think Chair review

If there is any one factor that you can change to make spending eight hours a day in an office easier, it’s your chair.

The Steelcase Think Chair pairs modern comfort with state-of-the-art ergonomic design to provide exceptional luxury and comfort. The chair is highly adjustable and tweak able enough for anyone to use.

The first impression of the chair is that its very comfortable and as soon as you sit on it you get the sense that it can be used for longer hours. Initially I started using the chair for working on a desk, then I started using it for gaming for long durations. 

Usually playing games on a chair was not that comfortable, but due to the adaptability and flexibility of the chair long hours were a breeze on it.

I actually found myself shifting less while sitting for long hours on the chair and i think my posture has actually improved  slightly.


– Flexible backrest to ensures that the back is always supported.
– The back support mimics your movement and also has upper and lower back adjustments.
– Adjustable armrest which move around in all ways possible.
– Other standard adjustments that are pretty common with office chairs .All of them which are available.

The Steelcase Think chair fits almost people of different sizes perfectly and also different sitting postures. Good ergonomics and comfort doesn’t tell anything about the chair unless it works for the person actually using it. Going by the usage of the chair for a month I feel it will work well for at least 90% of the people which is a pretty good number.

Though not affordable for everyone at the price tag of Rs. 35000, but a good investment for a long term chair. Think of it as an investment for your back and posture rather than the chair. 

By: Sridhar Iyer

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  1. Mary S. Hernandez
    Steelcase Jump Chair – The Jump Chair by Steelcase is equally heralded since the Aeron Chair and with valid reason. The Leap has received numerous design awards and it is rated by the Wall Steet Journal since the Best Desk Chair. The Leap is especially ideal for women because it's not large and cumbersome such as the Aeron. The Leap is actually elegant, sleek and is available in one size fits just about all. All parts are adjustable (the height from the chair, the arms, etc) and also the Leap is especially great since it has Steelcase's patented LiveBack technologies, which adapts to the form of your back regardless of how you are seated.

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