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There are many versions on Android out there but not everyone has the privilege of using all its features because of the update limitations of the devices they use. Also, we see many launchers in the market that help the users get a newer experience and ability to customize their phones to a feel of what the latest android versions have to offer.

APUS is one of the many successful launchers out in the market with over 10 million downloads and over a 3.3 million 4.4 rating. The first thing you notice when you download this launcher is that it’s less than 2Mbs (1.86) . So downloading is pretty fast even on 2G/3G speeds. I tested the launcher mainly on a Galaxy S5 but it also works well on a number of budget smartphones as well.

First impressions:

-On launching the app the screen changes immediately with new wallpaper and apps categorized into folders.
-You get the feel of a hybrid between IOS and android launchers with more inclination towards iOS.
-All the apps in the phone automatically get categorized into respective categories like games, entertainment, media, social etc.   
-The search bar on the top gives trending topics and has integrated search for apps contacts and other things on the phone.
-Swiping from right of the home screen gives the latest news and trending topics.
-Overall the feel is very snappy and responsive with minimal lag. The lag free experience makes it ideal for lower end Smartphone’s.

• Integrated search with trending keywords, tops sites and apps.

• News feed when you swipe from left of the home screen

• Wind chimes features that give latest news and important events on the home screen.
Pulling the chimes gives a new set of news.

• APUS radar which suggests new and trending apps used by users nearby. 

• APUS notification bar with integrated search

• Free swipe that gives all recently used apps ,setting and other app suggestions.


Good integration of search and easy access to apps and features on the phone.
Very customizable and ability to play around with the look and feel of the phone.
A good and extensive theme library and app suggestions.
Inbuilt app and ram boosters and memory management apps.
Extremely fast and low memory usage.


Still lacks a lot of customizability features like color selection, manual addition of home screens, customizing notifications bar, and adding icon packs.
Lacks a few advanced options that other launchers have
Has random ads popping out that kind of irritate the user.
Uninstalling the app is a pain.

Overall the launcher is fast, easy to use and understand, small in size and gives a user a very good experience overall. Gives a very good iOS style experience for the android user without draining the memory. APUS is one of the fastest Android launcher around and it clearly shows right from the moment it first boots. If Speed is what you need, then get this launcher.

Download link:

Reviewed by: Sridhar Iyer

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    APUS Launcher's updated to 1.9.11 now. Download the latest version at

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